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March 08, 2017 5 Comments

We’re all about one of a kind fine jewelry, whether made locally or found and collected.  That’s why we are so excited to share our latest collection of antique and estate jewelry with you!  Each piece in our new estate jewelry collection is one of a kind and hand selected by Lauren.

antique engagement rings

Each quarter we’ll be releasing a new edit of estate jewelry.  What is estate jewelry?  Estate jewelry is any jewelry that has been loved and owned before.  An estate piece might be from the 1800s, or it may have been manufactured just last year.  As long as it's been owned and loved before, it qualifies as estate jewelry!

antique victorian pinky ring

Alexandra Ring - $225

How do we find our collection of antique and estate jewelry in Philadelphia?  We work with our trusted network of antique jewelry dealers and individual sellers to collect and curate our collection.  Each and every one of our pieces displays fine craftsmanship, is endlessly wearable, and just has that special something.  We’re always on the hunt for fine jewelry pieces that catch our eye that we know you’ll adore.  We're drawn to pieces with a strong story to tell and classic design.

mismatched antique sapphire diamond earrings

Isla Earrings - $3350

What’s so great about estate jewelry?  First, postconsumer jewelry is much easier on the earth.  We love that we can offer beautiful things without increasing the demand for diamond and gold mining.  Second, antique pieces (100+ years old) in particular display rich character inherent in hand-made pieces.  We love slightly mismatched Old European Cut diamonds and the variations in hand-engraving.  Lastly, we love the look of estate jewelry!  From geometric Art Deco rings to bold rose gold pieces from the 1940s, there’s something special about wearing art from history.  We especially love antique engagement rings.  

antique oec halo yellow gold ring

Rosa Ring - $3750

Every 3 months, we’ll refresh our assortment.  That means if you see something you love - don’t wait!  Every piece is one of a kind and we know our pretties won’t last long.  Click here to view the collection and stay tuned for our next release on June 1! 

 L. Priori is a private jeweler in Philadelphia specializing in custom engagement rings and estate jewelry.  

5 Responses


March 27, 2017

This antique and estate jewelry is jaw dropping! I cannot stop swooning over the Art Deco pieces. Fabulous collection anyone would be lucky to own.

Lori Foxworth
Lori Foxworth

March 25, 2017

I absolutely love every one of these unique engagement rings! Estate rings are such a perfect choice for couples who want a piece that’s truly one of kind, and this particular estate collection is absolutely perfect. Any couple looking for vintage engagement rings in the Philadelphia area should come check out your piece!

Parker Radbourne
Parker Radbourne

March 22, 2017

I love that you sell previously owned and loved pieces of jewelry, and what a great point that it’s better on the environment! Not to mention the history that each piece has! This could be the perfect engagement ring option for so many Philadelphia couples!

Kelly Loeffler
Kelly Loeffler

March 22, 2017

Your product photography for this jewelry is beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have you photograph their products like this. I love the way you photographed the group of rings

cathie berrey-green
cathie berrey-green

March 20, 2017

Wow! What beautiful antique engagement rings!

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